Golumpki and thinking of Bopchi

Golumpki and thinking of Bopchi

IMG_2917 The easiest way to make Golumpki is by memory with your Bopchi close to your heart. My grandmother used to make these for me as a kid. This afternoon I took some time to construct the recipe from a memory of my childhood taste, warm cup of tea nearby. I browned some ground pork, added in some onions and cooked them until they were tender with a clove of garlic and a pinch of oregano. Then I added cooked rice and fresh pepper.







IMG_2919 I rolled the pork and rice mixture up in large leaves of Savoy cabbage and thought about her.






IMG_2921 I topped the rolls with canned tomato soup (the same color as the lipstick she wore) and braised them in a 350*F oven for an hour. Once cooked, top with a pat of butter and more fresh pepper. Miss you.





  1. I am so proud of my KT and know that her Bobchi loved her with her hole heart. What an honor to her that you would include Bobchi when making Golumpki. Between Bopchi’s culinary skills and her Granddaughter KT this receipe should be dandy!

  2. Hey thanks Momma. 🙂

  3. This post warmed me right up, and reminded me of a similar German dish my mom used to make! Lovely writing, as always.

  4. Fitting that you posted this on my polish grandmother’s birthday! She used to make these too!!

    • Thanks for reading Lauren! I’m currently obsessed with them! I offered them for special this week too! Such a trip down memory lane.

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