Girl, Interrupted. A Book Review

Girl, Interrupted. A Book Review

I know, I know, I should have read this book about 15 years ago, but I didn’t and I have been carrying it around with me from apartment to apartment, dorm to dorm and house to house since. Now, I’m pretty sure I will always love my fiction, the mini vacations and escapes from reality they provide within the pages. And I know I will always love my cookbooks, a fascination of mine since girlhood. But lately, I have really been gravitating toward memoirs. I love to hear about other peoples realities, in their own voice, and getting a different perspective on life. I always try to IMG_3026read something current, something related to my field and then a classic in that cycle. So where does this fall? I’m not sure, but I made an exception. (Bonus points to read a book and then watch the movie and so I’m excited to see this soon). The book is based on a young gal who goes to live in a facility for people with mental illness and or personality disorders. It is a recap of her daily life under supervision and all the characters she meets and befriends. It was a good book, entertaining, foreign and quick to read. However, I am eager to start my next.

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