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Anyone Else?

Anyone Else?

I just wanted to share this photo (taken on my iphone). This is how I regularly find our local “megamart” grocery store. Where is all the “food” (these days I use that term loosely)? Not only is the quality of food a huge disappointment, but the selection […]

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Fiddleheads + Tropical Storm Irene = Safe To Eat?

One of my friends recently told me she was scared to harvest fiddleheads from her spot this year because it was still silty from Irene. Good thought. I went home and immediately starting looking up information for foraging after a flood. Nada. So let’s think about this. […]

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Local “Mega-Mart” Never Fails to Disappoint and Disgust

I try really hard to be local, but in Central Vermont in February, it’s rough. Sometimes I get a client who just wants what they want, in season or not, so I head to the local “Mega-Mart” type store, often with my kids (age 2 & 4) […]

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